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Steam Team
Robert Williams (Crew Chief: Mitigation )
Kris Jones (Crew Chief: Cleaning)
Steam Team
Steam Team
Shalie Waechter (Chief of Staff

Shalie, a dedicated member of the Steam Team since 2019, brings a unique perspective with 3 years of prior experience in the insurance industry. Originally from Ulysses, KS, Shalie made Amarillo, TX her home in 2016.


As the orchestrator of crew organization and job management, her meticulous and detail-oriented approach ensures that every task is executed with precision. Shalie's expertise in coordinating teams and jobs stands as a cornerstone of our operations, guaranteeing smooth and efficient service delivery to our clients.

Steam Team
Calvin Hewitt (Business Development)
Rick Rueda (General Manager)

Kris, a proud graduate of Randall High School, has brought fresh energy to the Steam Team since joining us in 2022. Embracing a new chapter as a new father, Kris embodies dedication both at work and home.


As an IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaning Technician, Kris's commitment to excellence is unwavering. His superb work ethic is complemented by a unique blend of drive and mellowness, ensuring tasks are handled with both determination and a calming presence.

Rick, our esteemed General Manager, is an integral part of the Steam Team. With an impressive 11 years of experience in restoration and carpet cleaning, Rick's expertise serves as the guiding force behind our operations.


His exceptional leadership is complemented by a kind and empathetic nature, fostering a supportive environment for both our team and clients. 


Rick's unwavering commitment keeps us consistently on point and at the top of our game, ensuring every task is handled with precision and care.

Steam Team
Steam Team
Dylan Brooks (Crew Chief: Cleaning)
Dustin Garrett (Crew Chief: Mitigation)

Dylan, a proud native of Amarillo, embodies the heart of Steam Team. Joining us in 2022, his journey has been one of unwavering dedication and growth. His meticulous approach and tenacity define his work ethic, ensuring every task is executed with precision and care.


Dylan's integrity and honesty form the bedrock of his service, reflecting in his soft-spoken nature and exceptional listening skills. His commitment to outstanding customer service led him to swiftly ascend to the role of crew chief, a testament to his hard work and eagerness to learn.


With a professional demeanor and a wealth of knowledge in industry procedures and products, Dylan is an IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaning Technician, delivering top-tier service with a hometown touch.

Dustin, a proud Amarillo native, has been an invaluable member of the Steam Team since 2022. With his IICRC certification, Dustin embodies a commitment to excellence in restoration.


Willing to adapt and eager to learn, Dustin's dynamic approach ensures he remains at the forefront of industry advancements.


 His straightforward and informative nature as a mitigation crew chief guarantees efficient and effective service delivery, coupled with exceptional customer care. Dustin's dedication to both his craft and community reflects the core values upheld by the Steam Team.

Steam Team
Steam Team
Sebastian Bryant (Operations Manager)

Sebastian, a cornerstone of Steam Team since 2019, infuses every interaction with contagious laughter and boundless charisma. His wealth of knowledge in restoration and carpet cleaning is matched only by his positive attitude, making him a beacon of enthusiasm within our team.

With an outspoken nature that amplifies his charismatic presence, Sebastian's approachability and expertise ensure exceptional service delivery, leaving a lasting impact on every client interaction.

Steam Team
Landon  Shaw (President)

Meet Landon, the driving force behind Steam Team since its inception in 2008. As an Amarillo native, his roots run deep within the community that he serves.

Energetic and driven, Landon is continuously seeking avenues to expand and nurture his company while actively contributing to the betterment of our community.


As the proud owner and founder, he brings a personal touch to every aspect of our services.

Beyond his role in business, Landon finds joy in his roles as a devoted father, husband, and a cornerstone of both his family and our company.


Calvin, spearheading Business Development at Steam Team since 2019, brings a wealth of experience to our team. With a robust background encompassing 7 years in restoration and a remarkable 12-year tenure in insurance as an adjuster and contractor, Calvin's expertise is unmatched.


His extensive knowledge bridges the gap between restoration and insurance, offering a unique perspective that elevates our services. 


Calvin's strategic guidance and industry insight drive our company's growth while ensuring clients receive tailored and comprehensive solutions.

Meet Robert, an energetic and versatile member of Steam Team since 2021. As a jack of all trades, Robert serves as a Crew Chief in Mitigation, showcasing a remarkable ability to swiftly diagnose issues.


His boundless energy fuels his work ethic, ensuring tasks are handled with vigor and efficiency. 


Robert's multifaceted skills and quick diagnostic abilities enable him to tackle challenges head-on, delivering top-tier service to our clients.

Strategic Partner
Strategic Partner
Strategic Partner
Strategic Partner

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